Solis Perfetta Plus Coffee Machine It’s More Than A Coffee Machine!

The Barista Perfetta Plus is a compact elegant coffee machine allowing you to customize your perfect cup of coffee. The machine is developed with a passion for coffee to get the best out of every single coffee bean making it a perfect tool to create coffee as a real barista does. Compact in size, the appliance requires only little space, making it perfectly suitable for even the smallest kitchen counters.

Integrated Manometer : The manometer makes it easier to check the extraction pressure for a well-balanced cup of coffee.
Coffee in 40 Seconds : This machine is ready to use in just 40 seconds and provides a perfect, stable brewing temperature. 1.7-Litre Water Tank : The large tank holds up to 1.7 litres of water and can easily be removed from the back to re-fill water, replace the filter or to clean it.
Low-Pressure Pre-Infusion : Freshly ground coffee is first gently moistened at low pressure to prepare it for an even extraction.
Programming & Reminder Functions : The machine has a programming and several reminder functions for different time interval settings and temperature settings.
Italian-Style Espresso Pump : The Italian-style espresso pump operates with a pressure of 15 bar to enable the ideal extraction.